Welcome to my portfolio! I am Martino from Torino (Italy). I am a graduate in Computer Engineering, interested in Machine Learning and Explainability.

I like to understand how things work and I think that Artificial Intelligence should not just be about algorithms that learn to perform complex tasks; it should be about explainable methods that enable the crowds to understand why things happen, to be able to face and remove bias, correct models and enabling the humans to improve their learning capabilities.

Short bio

After the first years of my life spent around a very little town, I moved to Torino to attend Computer Engineering courses. At Politecnico di Torino I achieved both the Bachelor’s (2015) and Master’s degrees (2018).

A very important step in my academic path is the Master’s thesis, done under the supervision of Giuseppe Rizzo (from Istituto Superiore Mario Boella) and Maurizio Morisio (professor in DAUIN). In that period I did my first steps in the Machine Learning area, focusing on the conversational domain. You can find more info on the Master’s Thesis in the dedicated page.

Then I switched to United Kingdom where at the moment I am working as Research Assistant in the Knowledge Media Institute part of The Open University. See more about it here.

At the moment I am interested in applying for PhD programs around Europe.

Other interests

I love music and I have been playing the classical guitar for several years.

Curriculum Vitae

You can have a look at my CV or find me on LinkedIn.