Martino Mensio

Who am I

I am currently a Software Engineering student at Polytechnic University of Turin, where I am currently enrolled for the Master's Degree.

You can find me on social networks:

Coding at Politechnic University

Master's Degree first year

DataBase Management Systems
Computer Architectures
Optimization Methods and Algorithms
Distributed Programming I

Master's Degree second year

Distributed Programming II
Project and Laboratory on Communication Systems

More repositories soon..

Master's Thesis project

The title of the thesis is A Social Bot for Personalized Recommendations of Bike Availability

The goal of the thesis is two-fold:

  • conduct a survey of technologies enabling to build a textual chatbot
  • develop the system able to handle a basic conversation providing pre-computed answers depending on the user profile. For example, the system while informing about factual information, will offer additional and personalized information concerning the user's preferences

I am working on Natural Language Processing, recommender systems and many other things. You can see the prototype while my studies and the development go on.