Martino Mensio

Who am I

I am currently a Software Engineering student at Polytechnic University of Turin, where I am currently enrolled for the Master's Degree.

You can find me on social networks:

Coding at Politechnic University

Master's Degree first year

DataBase Management Systems
Computer Architectures
Optimization Methods and Algorithms

Master's Degree second year

Project and Laboratory on Communication Systems

Master's Thesis project

The title of the thesis is A Social Bot for Personalized Recommendations of Bike Availability

The goal of the thesis is two-fold:

  • conduct a survey of technologies enabling to build a textual chatbot
  • develop the system able to handle a basic conversation providing pre-computed answers depending on the user profile. For example, the system while informing about factual information, will offer additional and personalized information concerning the user's preferences

I am working on Natural Language Processing, recommender systems and many other things. You can see the prototype while my studies and the development go on.