PoliTo projects

Those are some projects I worked on while attending courses at Politecnico di Torino.

Master’s Degree first year

DataBase Management Systems (DBMS)

Homeworks done during the course

Computer Architectures (CAs)

Laboratories done during the course. This also features and extra folder with an audio experiment.

Optimization Methods and Algorithms (OMA)

A project for the VRPTW problem with fixed fleet size. Given the library jsprit, we added constraints to find solutions with a predetermined number of vehicles.

System and Devices Programming (SDP)

Programmazione di Sistema

Distributed Programming I

Formal Languages and Compilers

Master’s Degree second year

Distributed Programming II

Project and Laboratory on Communication Systems

A project for barcode processing by using .NET Micro Framework. The prototype allows users to add products in a self-checkout scenario, by using barcodes.

Applicazioni Internet

An internet application, based on AngularJS for the frontend and on Spring webservices for the backend, which provides services related to public transportation giving access to buslines, path calculation and chat on some predefiend topics.